Monday, 20 June 2016

Fun in Fumay

I have spent a lot of time in Fumay in the last few weeks and it is has been hard work but fun as well as the house turns into a home.

I have just returned to England for a few days before setting of again with another long list of tasks, recently I have been working hard to make sure the guest accommodation is up to scratch and have spent a lot of time with a paintbrush in hand. I have also fitted a new front door and re-fiited the entrance hall.

Its not been all hard work thou and I have managed to spend some fishing, I have managed to land some decent fish along the way with plenty of barbel as well as 4 carp the biggest at over 30lb. Adam Firth Media man at Korum also spent some time with me, we managed to test some new products as well as make some great product movies whist he was there, here is just one example of several we made.

To see more visit Korum fishing's you tube channel

We have plenty of friends visiting over the next few weeks so I am sure we will see some progress with the house as well as some great fish being caught, so keep an eye on Facebook for all the latest news and updates

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Its Going Well

Just got back from a busy week in Fumay, good to have old mate Tom Sayer with me for a few days, plans were to fish a bit and work a bit harder!

First job was the satellite dish which needed sorting so we can get good reception and keep up to date with news from around the world.

Job Done it was time for a bit of fishing with Tom catching some very good Barbel and Bream during the week.

Whist the weather was a little hit and miss, we had everything from summer sun to snow, we made the most of the good weather to sort some work out in the garden and when it was wet and unpleasant outside we retired inside to fit some extractor fans and new lights as well as loft insulation and wallpapering.


Very pleased with progress so far and looking forward to more guests arriving over the next few weeks, if you are interested in staying with us at Kingfisher Maison then please get in touch. 

We now have a Facebook page here

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Busy Time In Fumay

With the weather now at last showing signs of improving it was good to get over to the house again and do some of the work we need to do before we move over for the summer.

First job was planned to be getting the boiler running and serviced, sadly thats where the problems began, we had no water pressure, the taps ran but with barely a trickle and no water meant no boiler. a couple of frantic hours chasing about and problem was solved, there had been a water leak close to the house and the water had been turned off, we had consequently got a massive airlock in our system which when it finally cleared sorted the problem.

Joining us in Fumay was good friend from Holland John Meeuws, keen to have a fish as well as help out with the major project for the week it was good to have john with us and I am sure he had a great time and was certainly a big help with some of the jobs we tackled during the week, but he also managed a bit of fishing and didn't take long to catch a barbel or 2

The main job for the week was to replace a wooden floor in a bedroom that had some broken joists and a resulting sag in the floor, off to the Brico Depot to get some wood and bits and pieces by Saturday afternoon we were ready to remove the old floor. the reason for the resulting floor soon became obvious, somebody in their wisdom had laid a concrete pad on top of some pretty dodgy joists which in-turn couldn't take the weight and the whole thing had dropped. the concrete took a day of blood sweat and bloody hard work to remove but once finally removed meant we could then get on with building the new frame and flooring.

Old floor after concrete removed

The new floor nearly done

The gas tank had been inspected and needed replacing so all was in place to replace the tank and refill the gas, the only issue being the traffic had to be stopped on the road behind the house for safety reasons. all I can say is well done Butagaz, very efficient, road closed old tank out new one in and safe in less than an hour

Tjitske not only kept us fed and watered but also got on well with some decorating and design duties in the guest bathroom and hallway.

So progress is good, I will update on part 2 of last weeks adventures in the next couple of days 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Going Well

Plans are going well for the house, we have quite a few people already booked in to come and see us over the coming months, we are really looking forward to welcoming friends old and new to our house by the river

So if you fancy spending some time with us then please get in touch, visit our website at and send us an e mail

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Kingfisher Maison Our House On The River Meuse

Coming soon our blog as the dream of a riverside home becomes reality

Keep watching for future updates.