Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Its Going Well

Just got back from a busy week in Fumay, good to have old mate Tom Sayer with me for a few days, plans were to fish a bit and work a bit harder!

First job was the satellite dish which needed sorting so we can get good reception and keep up to date with news from around the world.

Job Done it was time for a bit of fishing with Tom catching some very good Barbel and Bream during the week.

Whist the weather was a little hit and miss, we had everything from summer sun to snow, we made the most of the good weather to sort some work out in the garden and when it was wet and unpleasant outside we retired inside to fit some extractor fans and new lights as well as loft insulation and wallpapering.


Very pleased with progress so far and looking forward to more guests arriving over the next few weeks, if you are interested in staying with us at Kingfisher Maison then please get in touch. 

We now have a Facebook page here

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